Snezana Vujosevic, Serbia

It was an absolute pleasure to be taught by David Thomas. He is warm and friendly teacher and has really good approach to teaching… He encouraged me and inspired me to study and I’ve made a massive improvement. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Alba Martin, Spain

David motivated and helped me to prepare for both the CAE and CPE exams in a very short period of time… he is a teacher who really cares about his students… He helped me to identify where and why I was struggling and how to get over it.

Fabrizio Caon, Italy

David is like a gripping movie: even when you are worn-out after a day at work, you will neither lose your attention during his lessons, nor get bored…Thanks to him I easily passed the exam and got the Certificate in Advanced English, which has been crucial in getting a job in Spain!

Mirela Olejnik, Poland

Being a student when you are almost 50 is very difficult because you have to balance study, work and family…The most important thing for me when I passed my CAE exam was a friendly and pleasant atmosphere created by David and his intelligent, passionate teachers.

Olalla Flores, Spain

David is an experienced and friendly teacher, who prepares his lessons according to the needs of the group or individuals. I improved my English skills and gained confidence with his enjoyable lessons. Definitely, my lessons with him were a very good investment.

Petronela Bariciakova, Slovakia

David has an ability to encourage students to push their own limits… Focusing on all language skills, adjusting lessons to the individual needs of students and constantly providing invaluable feedback was just what I needed to successfully pass the English proficiency level.

Chloe Welter, France

 Beside being a really nice person to discuss with, David really takes his time to help you to give the best of yourself… he would take our difficulties in account and focus on improving them… and he gave us enough exercises to practice at home.

Aldona Szykula

David is an excellent teacher that helped me to develop my English skills needed to succeed in passing CPE exam…Moreover, his encouragement, as well as constructive feedback filled me with the confidence that I was ready to qualify as a teacher and take CELTA which I had wanted to do for a while.

Benjamin Arena, Mexico

When I first arrived in England, I found in David Thomas just the help I needed to gain confidence and fluency in my English…Now that I’m studying a Masters at Bristol University…he has been capable of designing a strategy to focus in my weaknesses accordingly to my current requirements.

Montse Velasco Gomez

I have been in David’s CAE and CPE courses and I really enjoyed both courses. All lessons were really dynamic and his teaching is really motivating.. David always provided us with extra material or little tests, so we had to make sure to revise before attending to our English lessons.


Laura Ruiz Martinez, Argentina

David has been for me the best teacher of English. He organizes his classes in a way that you can learn all the hours that you are in class keeping your attention (even after a long day at work) till the end… His recommendations for writings are specific for each student.

Javier Alpanez, Spain

David is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Not only does he do his best to encourage the students but also to guide you for the proper way in order to pass your exams. He is the best option if you want a great teacher and to learn with a human touch

Victor Bayona, Spain

I have never had a teacher like David. He is a hard working  professional with a passionate style, who is able to engage with the students and transmit his enthusiasm… He tailored my skills to the different parts of the exam, showing me where I should put the emphasis.

Javier Bernard, Spain

Being a teacher myself, I particularly appreciated that David has a great understanding about students needs and circumstances and always cares about students progression…I remember that I always left the lessons feeling that I learnt something new and I took some steps towards my goal.