It is important for us to give you the best possible opportunity to learn and improve your English.

Online Self-Study Resources

In addition to learning in class, we give you the option of using Moodle, the virtual learning environment. Your teacher will put homework and extra self-study materials on this site to help you to consolidate and build your learning:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary exercises relevant to your course and extra for your level.
  • Reading and Listening - online articles/clips and skills exercises.
  • Writing - study about typical mistakes, organization and style.
  • Speaking - pronunciation websites


Benefits of Emailing for Advice

To help you have the best learning and living experience possible, contacting us by email can be important for the following reasons:

  • Sending your homework. We expect all writing homework before your next class so your teacher can give quicker feedback.
  • Asking any questions if you don't understand any homework or need help with any language confusion.
  • You may need advice about your life in Bristol. e.g. Where to go out, where to practise your English, how to find a new place to live.



CV, Proofreading and Personal Statement Writing Support

You may have other needs we can help you with:

  • Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement (£30 fee). Please remember that the CV style required by UK employers may be different from in your country. We will first send you a model CV and cover letter, then  meet you to discuss your ideas. After you write everything, we will make further suggestions if necessary.
  • Proofreading ( £18 every thousand words). We will ask you to send your piece of work so we can tell you both how much the estimated fee will be and also agree a deadline time for completion. During this process, the proofreader may ask for clarification by email if anything is not clear.
  • Personal Statement (£30 fee). We can help you develop and clearly structure your ideas. We will first send you a model personal statement,  then meet you, and finally assess what you have written, making further suggestions if necessary.