Terms & Conditions

By reading and accepting our full terms and conditions, you are formally entering into a contract with Progress English, Bristol.

  • You will receive written and signed confirmation when agreeing on the course you will do,
  • Course fees can be paid in cash or by transferring money to the Progress English bank account. You will then receive a receipt of payment.
  • You must pay the full course fees before the course begins. Without payment, we cannot allow you to enter the classroom.
  • If you have started the course and then find you cannot continue, a refund is not possible.
  • If you pay but then decide not to do the course, a refund is possible if your classes have not started.
  • Any refunded payment will be entered into your bank account. There will be an administration fee of £30
  • You may occasionally be included in promotional material – social media photos for advertising purposes. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to your image being used by Progress English for marketing purposes.
  • If a student behaves in a disruptive manner, or engages in illegal activity, he/she will be immediately asked to leave the course.
  • In the event that classes are not possible for reasons beyond the control of Progress English, another date will be found to give any missing lessons.
  • The cost of course books is included in the course fee.
  • All students will receive instructions about the health and safety regulations and procedures for the location they are in.