Cambridge Exam Preparation Classes

Depending on your level, you have a choice of our evening Cambridge exam preparation courses: PET, FCE, CAE CPE or IELTS.  Here is a table below which explains their language levels, and more information is available on the Cambridge English exam site

IELTS and Cambridge equivalent qualifications

  CEFR level IELTS equivalent Cambridge main suite exam level
Beginner A1 -  
Elementary A2 3.0 KET
Pre-Intermediate A2/B1 3.5-4.0 PET
Intermediate B1 4.0-5.0 PET
Upper Intermediate B2 5.5-6.5 FCE grade C
FCE grade B
FCE grade A
Advanced C1 7.0-7.5 CAE
Proficiency C2 8.0+ CPE

Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)

This is an intermediate B1 qualification which tests speaking, writing, reading and listening skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. Preparing for this exam can be an excellent step before doing First Certificate

Cambridge English: First (FCE)

The FCE course builds on the basics of English skills and language so that you feel more comfortable communicating and understanding in a greater variety of situations. Having this Upper Intermediate/B2 qualification can be important to  employers in some countries.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

This lower advanced/C1 qualification has become increasingly important as it is now accepted by many academic institutions, governments and businesses around the world as proof of sufficiently high competence in English. CAE helps develop language skills and knowledge relating to more complex and precise language.


Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

AT C2 level, CPE is the most advanced qualification, dealing with purely authentic texts and the most complex, idiomatic expressions. Some candidates need to pass in order to get onto CELTA teaching training courses with the hope of becoming English teachers, while others simply do it for the love of the language or to get the ultimate satisfaction of passing the hardest exam.

Cambridge English: IELTS

The International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) exam is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Language Assessment. The Academic module which we prepare students for is the most widely respected and used means of measuring English skills competence by universities or professional bodies in The UK.